We hear the terms "bespoke", "made to measure" & "off the peg" but what do they all mean?!

Ivory White Wedding Dress Statement Waterfall back silk fabric lace detailing

When choosing your prefect dress you may hear wedding dresses described differently, for example using terms like "made to order" & "bespoke" leaving many brides-to-be a little confused. Read on to add some clarity to the sometimes bewildering world of bridal fashion!

1. Made To Order - In general terms the most common type of bridal gown found in boutiques and shops across the UK. You start by trying on a few wedding dress samples and when you have found "The One" the shop will order this in for you in a standard size, for example a standard UK 14. Fantastic news! However, lets face it, who is lucky enough to be a standard UK size 10, 12, 14? Or are you like the majority of us ladies being a mix size, e.g. 8 on top, 12 on bottom etc etc........So as a result alterations are a must.

2. Bespoke - Trouble finding that "dream dress"? If only it had straps, the V neck is too revealing, I prefer the Lace on the first dress I tried. If this sounds familiar bespoke may be the way forward for you. Bespoke is a great option because you can create a wedding dress unique to you, especially if you have a firm idea of what you are looking for.

3. Made to measure - This is involves several stages once you have chosen a wedding dress design and as the name suggests its all about getting the perfect fit. A toile (a basic version of your gown allowing the design to be tested and perfected) fitting will be arranged, allowing the toile to be fitted exactly to you, showing exactly how your dress will fit. The toile is sent back and worked on again by the pattern cutter. The pattern is the template from which your wedding dress will be cut in your chosen fabric.

4. Off the peg - Exactly as the name implies, perfect if you are short on time. However you will most likely need to get the dress altered to fit, and you will be limited in terms of sizing options and any last minute design tweaks.

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