From Tulle to Taffeta #thenorfolkbride is here to help!

With so many different fabrics available today it is difficult to distinguish a Silk Chiffon from Silk Taffeta, Here's a quick guide to help you through the features of the different fabrics on offer.

Organza -

Sheer, lightweight fabric

traditionally made from Silk,

however many modern Organza's

are woven from synthetic fibers such as Nylon or Polyester

Chiffon -

Think elegant and floaty, very lightweight. Early Chiffon was made purely from Silk, low cost polyester and nylon Chiffon was made available from the 1960's

Taffeta -

A crisp, plain woven fabric made from Silk, Cuprammonium Raynons, as well as acetate and polyester. Taffeta holds its shape better than most other fabrics

Silk Georgette -

Lightweight, sheer crepe fabric,

named after french dressmaker

Georgette de da Plante.

Springy and less lustrous than its relative chiffon.

Silk Charmeuse Satin -

Lightweight fabric woven with a satin weave, giving a smooth finish which is lustrous and reflective. Silk Charmeuse Satin is more expensive and delicate than the synthetic polyester version however it is softer and a breathes better. Silk Charmeuse drapes well and is suited to fluid, slinky bias cut gowns.

Duchess Satin -

Very luxurious, heavy stiff satin. A perfect fabric for the big fairytale gowns!

Tulle -

A lightweight, fine stiff netting

made from Silk, nylon or polyester.

Commonly used for veils, wedding dresses

and not forgetting ballet tutu's!


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