Figure Flattering Dress Style Tips

Are you having trouble telling which styles suit your body shape on your quest of finding your dream wedding dress? If so here's a quick guide to bear in mind when in the fitting room.

What body shape are you? Below is more information on wedding dress styles for you to consider dependent on which category you fall into.

1. The Inverted Triangle; large bust and/or large shoulders with narrow hips, could be referred to as apple shaped.

choosing wedding dress for apple shape
Apple shaped?

The goal is to create a defined waist. Ball Gown/Princess styles accentuate the waist and a Tea-Length will flatter the calves, pair with a high heel to really add length to your body. A sweetheart neckline is perfect for balancing out broad shoulders, if you want a modern twist a V neckline is a great choice.

2. The Triangle; small bust and/or narrow shoulder with full hips and/or thighs, usually known as pear shaped

wedding dress styles for pear shaped brides
Pear Shaped?

Ballgown/princess style, layered fabric from the waist hides larger hips and bottom

A-line, streamlines your silhouette creating the appearance of a taller slimmer frame

Tea-length is also a great option too!

3. The Rectangle; can be rather straight up and down, balanced on top and bottom, but boxy, with little or no waist definition

Sheath and column style for a clean cut look, A-line and tea-length to define your waist.

Ballgown/princess style corset gives impression of fuller chest

4. The Hourglass; equally balanced on top and bottom with a trim waist

wedding dresses for hourglass figure
Hourglass figure?

Fishtail/fit and flare, really showcase your curves, one to avoid if you pear shaped. V necklines really suit the hourglass figure, and very flattering on the bust

5. Petite is usually classed as under 5ft tall with a small frame, sheath & column are great way of adding height, but be careful with ballgown and princess style gowns as they can swamp a small frame.

6. Tall is usually classed over 5'8 tall, try sheath and column style dresses to really emphasise a tall slim frame.

The information above is designed as a guide and not an exact science, as with most things in life there are exceptions to the rules! Therefore the best way to determine what truly suits you is to try on!

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